I know the futher south you go he different the food is. I would like some great mexican recipes.?

I want to learn how to make great mexican foods. I know of some dishes, but I am looking for something that is not made here, and is native to Mexico.
I would like actual recipes, or something I can look up! The landscaping rice on toast does not come up. que es esto? That is that?
Thank you Theresa S. I agree. I have never tried mexican seafood. But I will! Thanks again


  1. I think one of the saddest things about Mexican food in the US is that the pastry and desert is always overlooked. Pumpkin empanadas and sopapillas are delicious. I don’t know how to make them, I usually get them from a local bakery. Mexican seafood is also good.

    Theresa S
  2. you sound very determined !
    now i wish i had all the cut and paste thingies for this one but -o well, anyway checkout the previous answers for a lot of recipes (authentic ) i’m sure you’ll find a few

    luke m

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