I want to learn how to speak Mexican but?

my school doesnt offer that language…are there any universities in illinois that offer the mexican language spoken by mexicans?


  1. What you want to learn is how to speak Spanish. That is the official language of Mexico, and I believe is taught in almost every part of the United States. I do not know what school you go to, but most US high schools teach Spanish. If your school does not teach Spanish, you can find many online courses and self teach programs, CD’s, etc. It is an easy language to learn compared to many others, and can be learned quickly. I do not now why you called it Mexican, but here are some things you should know about the language you would like to learn.
    Spanish is spoken all over the world and originated in Spain, a country in Europe. It is also the official language of Mexico, the countries that are in Central America, and every South American country with the exception of Brazil, where they speak Portugese. Each of these many countries actually speak Spanish differently from the others, using their own dialect and slang native to which
    ever region. The basic language is all the same, but localized slang, pronunciation and grammer make it different from place to place. Mexico has many different regional dialects, so people from 2 ddifferent states will not understand some words, speak as fast, or sound the same at all. In Texas where I live, we call the Spanish heard around here Tex-Mex. The fastest way to learn it would be to make a friend who speaks it and ask them to help you be practicing. Start watch Univision, spanish speaking TV shows are everywhere. See if you can catch the meaning of what is said by using context and visual observations.
    I hope you are serious about wanting to learn, because getting serious about pursuits that you desire and actually taking steps to do what you say you want to do. I am a caucasian American who speaks Spanish as well as English, my native language. It is one of the skills I have that gets used almost daily. Practice will get you better. If you really want to learn Spanish, you will. If it’s just a wish, you will not. Buena suerte mi amigo, estoy aqui esperando una notificacion que le gustas tu vida y amigos nuevos aqui en River Place quieren habla con tigo!


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