if i cant seem to learn a language should i try a differnt one?

for the left of me i can seem to grasp Spanish and i have been trying for years. personaly i find the language boring but being half mexican i figure i should learn it ya know.

so i try learning some thing else for a bit? german, russian, arabic?


  1. No, you need to stick with it. I thought that i couldn’t learn french, but in school I had a tutor 2 times a week and i got a B+. Anything is possible. Stick with it.

  2. It helps if you can work with some one to practice the language. Do you have an interest in any of those other languages. If you are not interested and have no one to practice with you might be wasting you time which could be use to learn about something you truely enjoy.

  3. Try Esperanto.
    I frequently make this claim and I live by it.
    ‘If you can’t learn Esperanto, you can’t learn any language."
    Also, since it’s designed to be easy to learn and actually helps in learning tertiary languages (see the site below for more on that) you may find that you’ll start to do better at Spanish.
    Last, don’t let anybody tell you it’s useless. In Wikipedia, Esperanto is the 15th most listed language out of over 200 languages. Plus there is a whole world community out there, and lots of cultural content.
    Research and draw your own conclusions.



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