If Spaniards are White, then how come they speak Mexican?

I dont get it!
People always say that Spaniards are White, yet, they speak the Mexican Language!
Why is that?


  1. Spaniards = are people from Spain, and yes they are white..

    Mexican = is not a language. Mexican are the people from Mexico..

    Spanish = is a language. Many people can speak Spanish.. people from Spain, Mexico, Latin and Central America speak Spanish. and other people from different countries who learned Spanish..

    people from Mexico, Central and Latin America are Hispanic, they speak Spanish, coz they were colonized and influenced by Spain..

    love like woe
  2. The language is called SPANISH which derived from early Spaniards when colonizing Latin America. Not MEXICAN. Please go back to school 🙂

    By the way,guuuurl I responded to your message.

    LOL Skyee!

  3. First of all there is no such things as a language called "Mexican"

    Second of all, Latin countries speak Spanish because of the influence and colonization by Spaniards.

    If it was not for Spain setting up colonies in the Americas I doubt anyone would speak Spanish.


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