I'm going to mexico soon – what cool mexican only words should i know.?

I speak spanish, but i learnt in spain, so its castellano. I want to find out some pure mexican words to expand my vocabulary.

I know.. ‘chido’ so far. Very cool.
Saludos y besos para mis amigos mexicanos


  1. I got back on July 7th from studying abroad in Cuernavaca Mexico. Here are some Mexico exclusive phrases:

    Instead of saying Me gusta –> Me late (literally=my heart beats)
    Chido –> cool
    Chela –> a beer
    me ojala que –> I wish that (much more common than me deseo que)
    alberca –> swimming pool (not piscina)
    orale –OK (very popular)
    Aguas –> watch out

    Buena Suerte. Que tenga un bien tiempo! A donde va en mexico?
    meda una mesaje –> pugl1997@fredonia.edu

    Patrick P
  2. Hang out with mexican people and you will learn quickly. Many Mexicans speak some English. Speaking Spanish is helpful but not necessary in tourist areas.

  3. chido, orale , and aguas are all typical mexican words. you got the meanings so I wont bore you with repetition but here are some other things that might help.

    They dont use "vosotros" in mexico, they do use it is spain. It is not common in mexico only in churches when talking about God and stuff.
    Also in mexico they say ‘pues" alot. Exaple. "orale pues" "pues si" (used this way its kinda like saying "well yeah"

    also, I know when I learned spanish they taught me that ‘asi asi’ means more or less but mexicans use "mas o menos". the also use a lot of americanized words.
    yarda-yard or garden
    braka-brake like car brakes

    all the differences you should pick up really easy. after al the only thing you really need to know is


    Que te vaya bien!

  4. well, u got chido right. also, aguas, orale, Qué onda, chale, mas o menos, vieja- my woman…not very nice word though.
    they don’t use vosotros, i know they use it in Spain though…in Mexico they use, nosotros.
    they also use, ‘sale’. example: I’ll see you at 3 ‘o’ clock, okay? and then you’d reply, sale…meaning, alright then.
    Ahí nos vemos- see u later
    bien padre- very cool. u can use chido too…same meaning.

    i have MANY MANY mexican cousins, ALL of them teenagers, so i pick up quite a few words and phrases…a lot of them live in Mexico City (D.F), it is like, THE place to pick up some REAL mexican words.
    take care.


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