is Mexican a language?

my friends says it is but i thought that in mexico they speak a whole bunch of languages


  1. Well, the main language spoken in Mexico is Spanish. Calling it Mexican would be like calling English, American. Just like English and American, Spanish and Mexican speakers have a few differences in vocabulary and pronunciation, but the official and real languages are Spanish and English, respectively.

  2. its not mexican, its spanish
    they all speak spanish but theres different ways you can speak it, different forms depending on where you live and the same goes for south america

    Mina L
  3. Mexican is not a language.

    Mexico is enormously diverse linguistically. In addition to Spanish, the government recognizes 63 indigenous Amerindian languages as national languages. According to the Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples (CDI), while 13% of the population is of Amerindian origin, only 6% speak an indigenous language.

    Spanish is the de facto language spoken by the vast majority of Mexicans, though the Mexican government does not legislate it as an official language.

    And Mexico contains the largest population of Spanish speakers.

  4. in Mexico they speak Spanish and Mexican is not a language. It’s slightly different to the spanish they speak in Spain, so it can be called Mexican Spanish, but it’s not ‘Mexican’.However there are other national languages but these are not widely spoken.

    Sadia K
  5. The language spoken in Mexico is Spanish. With that in mind, each Spanish speaking country uses a slightly different vernacular of Spanish, just like the English spoken in England sounds different from the English spoken in Australia.

  6. Mexicans primarily speak Spanish.

    However, like all Spanish speaking countries, Mexicans have a different dialect and words they use.

    For example in the South they use different words than in the Midwest. For example in Texas, few people say ‘wicked’ but my cousins in Chicago use it. I say y’all, and they laugh. My sister in Wisconsin says "bubbler" when she is talking about a water fountain.

  7. As everyone else is saying, no. They speak Spanish and other minority languages there.
    But shot haha, I used to think that Canadian was another language >.<


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