Is this the correct English to Mexican Spanish translation?

•Lawn Mowing
•Leaf Blowing
•Weed Eating
•Tree Trimming

•Grama que Corta
•Hoja que Sopla
•Hierba que Come
•Arbol que Recorta

Thank you in advance


  1. – Lawn Mowing : Cortando (Podando) cesped
    – Leaf Blowing : Soplando ojas
    – Weed Eating : Come hierba
    – Tree Trimming : Podando arbol

    And for clarification, it’s not "MEXICAN" spanish. Spanish is not just what "MEXICAN" speak. Almost everyone from South America speaks spanish. Mexicans are just one of the countries.

    Jessica Marte
  2. In english you write the adjective before the object, but in spanish you write it after the object.
    For example, the translation of "blue car" to spanish would be "carro azul" (azul is blue and carro is car)

    So the translation to english for "árbol que recorta" would be "trimming tree" and not "tree trimming".

    The correct translations are as the people that answered before me told you.

    Francisco R

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