mexican immigrants will not learn english?

why? its actually considered an insult to the land you come to, if you come to live there and not bother to try and communicate with the people, not bother to learn their heritage and way of life, and you dont respect their flag and wave yours in their face…im tired of not getting hired at jobs because i dont speak spanish….thats just me…and im not racist i just dont like people coming here and waving a mexican flag in my face when i just spent the last 5 years in iraq fighting for the american flag….i dont know….if i went to mexico and marched down the street waving red white and blue, id get jumped……lol, but i wouldnt do that because i respect other peoples countries and ways of life…
lol yep thats right lol
mujer alta, good point, but i really dont believe that the mexican immigrants "love to countries at the same time" …i get mean mugged by them hen im at wal mart, every business one of them is fortunate enough to own gets decorated with nothing but red white and green, and the thing about "the home language is easier to resort to when your frustrated or nervous" is true, much like ricky ricardo when he gets mad on i love lucy, but they dont just speak spanish when their angry, they speak nothing but, REFUSING to even learn ANY english, they walk into an american bank to conduct business, and start spewing spanish to the white teller, and if the teller doesnt understand them, they get angry and threaten to sue, (my gf is a banker ive seen it first hand) also, i dont think they love this country because if there was a draft for the iraq/afghan war, and illegals were allowed to be drafted, i doubt any of them would go fight for this country
burger k, thats fine, i dont care if you dont care about my service in the military, thats why i fought, so people like you can remain free and have the right to spit on the military…but anyway, since you want to nit-pick my words, then i mean the United States of America Flag…that better? …and theres two types of people in this country, those who go to college during a time of war, and those who go to war during a time of war….either side is fine, but if your a college guy please dont spit on the ones that went to war for your freedom…becuase we are fighting so you can have the freedom to attend a university. but that shows me how much YOU love america, being so quick to say that you dont give a crap about my service, …..nice one patriot.
burger k, im not asking you to respect and honor me like im a GOD, im just asking you to please not spit on me….got it? and im not suprised that your mexican because you obviously show it with that gangster sh*t talking mentality of yours. so your not an american, you dont love america, buy your quick to come here and attend one of our universities? hmm yep get what you can from america and then when your done using us to benefit yourself, talk sh*t and go back to mexico…gee why does that sound familiar? you leech. i hope this illegal immigration problem gets to the point to where we go to war with mexico, then me and my marines can wipe your sorry asses out like we did iraq. people like you who serve no purpose in this world but to use americas benefits to help yourself out, then when ur done give us the finger…lol keep digging yourself a hole…go attend a university in mexico then idiot
burger k we will regret it? really? well thats the same thing iraq said, do you actually think mexico would beat the U.S. in a war? they would beat us when the country cant even feed their own people? lol since you wanna get racist ill get racist too, what are you gonna do? shoot chimi changas and throw burritos at us? lol does mexico even have aircraft? oh and by the way, all we would have to do to defeat you is tell the mexican citizens "whoever kills a mexican servicemen gets U.S. citizenship!! lol then you would have your hands full lolololol


  1. Your so right! Our government wants to help those that " so called" can’t help themselves. Yet we have our people here living in the streets. Our taxes pay them to live here off us. I wish the rest of America would do what Arizona has!

  2. Hopefully we can get SB 1070 in all 50 states and this will not be a problem any longer. They are so proud of that Mexican flag the down fall of it they have to break into our country wave their flag around saying they do not want to go back there.So why wave a flag of a country that really does not want you back just want your money to keep coming back

  3. Racism plain and simple.

    The racist la raza nazi invading border criminal KKKlan with a Tan MESSYcan illegal ALIENS hate America and Americans.

    Muerto Mujados
  4. Funny you should bring that up because i was just in Walmart and it was just FULL of Spanish speaking people.Just sooo irritating.They do not think they need to learn English because they believe this is stolen ,occupied Mexican land..and they are really in Mexico,so why speak English.
    I guess so many are out shopping because they are the only ones that have money,sense they get food,rent hope my state adopts Az. law SOON!
    Edit:Rodger.The question is formulated perfectly.We do not mind if illegal Mexicans are mad.It has nothing to do with native American Indians.We are not and will never be communist.

  5. I’m more concerned that native-born Americans will not learn English. Americans make no effort to learn their language, their literature or their history but think nothing of pointing out that immigrants don’t know them. Immigrants have an excuse. The native-born do not.

    Gee, I guess you’ve never heard of the immigrant ghettos of the massive European immigration of 1850-1920. During these 70 years almost 30 million poor, mostly Catholic and Jewish "foreigners" poured into the U.S. …and caused an even bigger backlash than we’re seeing against the Latinos today. They grouped together in America’s cities and towns. You’d never hear English on the streets, in the homes, in the stores or in the churches and synagogues or their neighborhoods. Foreign language newspapers were common. Mexican immigrants know just about as much English as any other immigrant groups have known. When you’re an adult it’s embarassing to speak your second language to a native speaker. Also, when you’re stressed or feeling pressured, your second language becomes more difficult to recall and to use. When I was overseas, I’d see people that I thought didn’t speak English at parties. After a couple of drinks, they were speaking English as well as I was.

    I feel sorry for you because you’ve obviously never known the immigrant part of your family. You’ll never know how much of a person’s heart is stamped with the old country. It’s not something you’re able to just give up because you come to a new country. You don’t love your new country less but you love 2 countries at the same time. We were all born here but have an Italian flag, Italian song CDs, etc. in our home. At one time we got an Italian language magazine. My dad also has 3 purple hearts and an 80% hearing loss from his service in the US Army in WW2. My brother came home from Vietnam with PTSD. We’re proud to be Americans but we’ve never forgotten where we (i.e., our family) came from. Being an immigrant in America should be a source of pride, not a reason to hide.

    Just because you are not in the position to know this, doesn’t mean it’s not true.

    Mujer Alta
  6. Wake up, dude. America never did belong to "Americans" in the first place. You rob and steal land from people to built your home. English is a combination of other languages.

    Adrian W
  7. Well first of all wtf is an American flag? Do continents have a flag? If so what is the European flag?

    Second of all, I am Mexican and I speak English and go to a University.

    NO ONE waves Mexican flags in your face! I do not think they would be so rude as to do that! They might have flags when the Mexican football team plays against other nation but never wave the flags on your face; the flags wave on their cars or houses but never on peoples faces.

    And finally, I do not give a crap about you being 5 years in Iraq. I am an international student and when my football team plays against another team, I always wave my Mexican flag. If you do not like it then go f**uck your self.


    And who said I love The US? I did not know that the US was a racist country until I got here about 5 months ago. Then all of a sudden I got bombarded by racism. Racism in the media, in the news, in yahoo answers, in everywhere. As soon as I finish my education I will grab my thing and head to Mexico.

    P.S you did not fight for me! You fought for the US citizens. I am not even a US citizen. Why should I thank you and honor you? I owe you nothing.

    You think that just for being in a war every person that comes to this country has to respect you and honor you like if you are a GOD.

    You said: "thats why i fought, so people like you can remain free and have the right to spit on the military…"

    Like I said, you fought for US citizens not for Mexican citizens. I am free and will always be free. In my country there are soldiers that fight for me and my country. I honor them.

    EDIT #2

    1.- I am not gangster I am a physicist.
    2.- I am American. I am not a US citizen.
    3.- I love America. I hate the US
    4.- I attend your Universities an I pay for it. MY MONEY!
    5.- Come to war with us and you will regret it.
    6.- I will be working for the Mexican military in weapon research projects. If you come to war with us be prepare to see our arsenal. We are not Iraq, we are not Iran. We are a peaceful nation, but provoked us and you will regret it.

    You and your redneck white trash comrades will regret it. Oh yeah!

    7.- US rednecks come to study to Mexico too. I am free to go wherever I want and to study wherever I want.

    8.- STFU redneck! I hope you die in Iraq!

  8. They have a screwed up idea of entitlement and believe (stupidly) that they are standing up for themselves and their culture by refusing to learn English. Educated immigrants realize they obviously cannot get very far financially or socially in American society without learning our national language, so they do their damnest to learn it.

  9. Well I’m a Mexican and a fluent English speaker. I have never, I repeat, NEVER in my entire existence waived a Mexican flag. Have I waived a American flag? Yes, many times, and not on peoples faces.

    Answer to your question: So is it just Mexican immigrants that won’t learn English? Whoa. I just find that interesting. Well for example, both of my parents don’t speak English because of their age and the difficulty of the language. It not because they refuse to learn. I have tried to teach them(and continue to do so) , but they find it difficult to pronounce some words. You (as a native English speaker) wouldn’t know the difficulty of speaking English. I, in fact, do. I’m learning French, and I find it fairly easy to pronounce but I tend to forget some words or how to pronounce them, so just imagine how its like with the old folks. The "American" English, has too much slang in it, which confuses people even more(ex. saying ‘gonna’ instead of ‘going to’ or ‘cuz’ instead of ‘because’.) Oh, and lets not start on the written slang, "CUZ U NOE DAT….LOLZ." I hope that the answer of a ignorant Mexican immigrant that refuses to learn English and their culture helps you understand why some people don’t learn English. I’m not talking in behalf of all the non-English speaker, just on the ones who surround me!

    Side note: Thank you so much for serving this nation’s military. But please, PLEASE stop talking on other people’s behalf. Stop assuming what Mexicans, illegals, non-English speakers, etc. would do. Speak for for yourself, and let us speak for ours. I would be honored to serve this country. Unfortunately, my presence is not legal in the U.S. so even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t be allowed to enlist myself the military.

  10. I can agree with you, I am half mexican and my family has been in California for generations and there is no way you would see any of them hanging a Mexican Flag , We are in America ,Love this country , If you don’t love it then leave it. I drove by a house today and seen a mexican flag flying high but not an american one .I can understand that anyone would feel pride for there home country but this is America. My great grandmother who was a very strong Mexican American woman who raised my mom and aunts would never ever let them speak spanish because she would tell them this is America. It bugs me that some mexicans call me a traitor or get upset at me because I don’t speak spanish.

  11. Would you learn a new language if you didn’t have to? Blame the business or the government, not the people. I highly doubt a person ran up to you and waved the flag of Mexico in your face. I’m latino and I love my culture, make no mistake about it I love my state (California) and my country(U.S.A). Last I checked there is pleanty of mexican-americans in the military fighting the same war and feel the same as I do. If you can’t find a job, because you can’t speak Spanish, get an education. You have the right to an education!

    Americans need to own up to the problem we created. Stop with the racist bullshit.

  12. Read the book “Everything You Need to Know About Latino History” and then try and tell me that LATINOS – not just Mexicans – are unpatriotic. Latinos are very patriotic. In fact, if you read the book I mentioned earlier, you will learn that Latinos have won more Medal of Honors than any other ethnic group, since World War 1. Oh, and by the way, English is “de facto” and that equates to “serving a function without being legally or officially established.” Therefore, English is not the USA’s official language. There are well over 200 languages spoken in the USA. I thought the USA did not want a melting pot? Forcing Spanish speakers to speak English and melt in with the English speaking people will cause what the USA does not want. That is very contradicting! Also, Latinos who are denied citizenship, are not able to pay taxes because of that reason! If the US would provide citizenship, then everybody would be paying taxes. Duh! Take a look at when President Ronald Reagan gave amnesty to immigrants living in the United States prior to 1882. everybody who was able to apply for citizenship, did so. EVERYONE WHO SPEAKS REGARDING THIS TOPIC NEEDS TO COMPLETE THOROUGH RESEARCH BEFORE POSTING ARTICLES. As Chef Emeril Lagasse says,”BAM!”


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