My boyfriend is Mexican and I’m trying to learn Spanish. What are some easy ways to do so?

My boyfriend is hispanic and I really want to learn spanish so that he and I can have indepth conversations. While he knows a lot of english sometimes it gets frustrating to try and figure out what he is trying to say. While I have a few books that have helped me with vocabulary I’m still really stumped and want to know if anyone has any suggestions. Maybe new books I could try or some other way I could learn the language quickly?


  1. Hey I understand exactly what you’re going through my (now) fiance is from Mexico. I took two years in high school so I had a base. But I learned more from just talking to him. My experience is that they’re very patient with someone trying to learn their language so make him talk to you. I also recommend Visual Link Spanish. I’ve heard they’re the best. Good Luck! Buena Suerte!


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