My group has to write a business plan, it's really serious. Our group's idea is to run a mexican restaurant in

our city – Hanoi. There is no mexican restaurant around, and our targeted customers are foreigners who come to Hanoi. I just want to know if you guys love mexican food? if you came over here, would you like to go to a mexican restaurant here. We would make everything mexican. Could you guys suggest the name for the restaurant, i don’t want something like texmex, want something relating to mexican culture. Please help, i will choose the best answer. Thank you in advance.


  1. I love Mexican food and would try it no matter what country I am in. As for names, how about..
    South of the Border
    Spicey Hot
    The Hot Tamale
    Salsa Magic
    Taste of Mexico

    Harley Lady
  2. If you are going to do this, you must get some real Mexicans to work there. I am sure this will not be difficult. Mexicans want to live anywhere but Mexico. Be aware that they will bring Mexican flags, and will attempt to destroy your country from the inside out.


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