My wife and I are trying to decide between moving in to Munich or Prague. Where would you go and why?

What are the pros and cons of each city? Prague has a special vibe that attracts us dearly but it seems everything in Munich is better organized and works better.
We are both 31 years old. In a couple of years we plan on starting a family. My wife is German of Czech parents. I am Mexican. Language wouldn’t be a problem.


  1. As an American ex-pat living in the Czech Republic (and not in Prague), I can tell you that there is a large ex-pat community in Prague. Munich is a lot bigger than Prague, so if you like your cities more of a manageable size, I’d go with Prague. But, having said that there is a large ex-pat community, I find it annoying how many Americans there are in Prague. If it were up to me to do it all over again, I think I’d go with either Berlin, or Dresden.

  2. Prague
    pros: live city, lots of attractions, full of entertainment.
    cons: health system is kinda weird and slow paced, economy is not that good.

    pros: good structured social system, better economy, better job market
    cons: not that live, pretty old fashioned.

    Well I would not live in both of them but if I had to chose I would go with Prague I suppose…


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