Since when did the Mexican president start dictating U.S. actions?

Mexican president says it’s okay to put troops on the border but don’t arrest Mexicans illegally crossing the border. What? How about we shoot anyone sneaking across. How about that?
Turns out the 1200 national guard troops are not actually going to be manning the border, they are going to be in the back offices. So once again the government is just all talk and no action. This is all for show to make it look like Obama is actually doing something.


  1. Hopefully they will go after gun runners from the USA and drug traffickers from Mexico and the USA. Going after workers will just hurt both nations.

    The U.S. ambassador to Mexico said on Wednesday that the extra troops would be working in back offices helping intelligence officials process information, or be posted as lookouts between ports of entry.

  2. First he doesn’t salute flag or stand to honor our troops then bows to our enemies.Now he lets mex president tell him what to do-seems calderon has his balls.Thought the comments were right on.

    Vote the @*?# &!# out.

  3. I agree. If they thought just for one second that they would get shot, they would think twice before sneaking over here. How about if they thought they might have the same punishment that MEXICO has if we are in their country ILLEGALLY? How about we just secure the border and actually enforce our laws. How about we get ride of the anchor baby law. Lets just do something besides putting 1200 of our solders at a desk job in a back office someplace……..


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