So lets talk novelas since Mexican futbol season is over?

WEll the interliga is almost starting and I can’t wait…but anyways is anyone watching Destilando AMor… the drama is getting good and the finale is almost coming. My mom watches all the time and I watch it when I can…

Bq/ For the finale, will Gaviota and Rodrigo finally start a life together for sure?

Bq/ I heard Sortilegio is getting good. Should I start watching that novela?


  1. Im not a novela guy but Sortilegio got good reviews. The gaviiotas soap (colombian original) was the hit of the year, maybe because the future first lady was (is) in it.

    A F
  2. lol dude, destilando amor was on years ago XDXDXDXD………u should of watched it when new episodes where coming out, it got pretty intense and emotional…(wow, i sounds like such a faggit)

    Jesus Christ
  3. i dont like novelas, same stupid story every time, they meet they meet badf people they get married, but they never show the fights after bewign married, they should amke a novela about after the married life, that be fun


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