TX History Vocabulary Help, "Make A Connection"?

I need help in my TX History homework..
My homework is based on TX History vocabulary..
& directions are like this..
*Read the 4 words and decide how the words are all connected; then write an explanation of the connection…

#1: the four words are: Rebel, Insurgent, Secede, & Civil war
#2: the four words are: Manifest destiny, Annex, Mexican Cession, & Frontier.
#3: the four words are: Envoy, Treaty, Provoke, & Strained.
#4: the four words are: Slaves, Plantation, Manufacture, & Cotton.

You need to use the 4 words & see how they connect and write it in complete sentences(:

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  1. Rebel and insurgent are words used by the power that be, to denote those that would chose a different power to be in charge.
    Secede is when rebels or insurgents are succesful and achieve a break way state as happened before the Civil war in the US, and COnfederate states.

    Manifest Destiny is a myth used by Washington to justify the theft of Indian lands and the march of settlement to the West. Annex is what the US did to take Texas from its owners. Mexican cession describes how Mexico got its independence from Spain. And Frontier is a boundary. The Western Friontier was a moving boundary of land grabbing Americans that took land from Indians and Mexicans, until they has to stop in the Pacific.
    Envoy is a person who sweet talked the Indians to steal their land.
    Treaty is an agreement that the US cheated on making it nothing but a piece of paper.
    Often the US would try to Provoke the Indians to fight so they could justify sending in troops to massacre them, this would futher strain relations but the US was not botheres to much as long as the Indians kept dying and the settlers kept settling.
    Slaves were used, especially in the South to grow and manufacture cotton for foreign markets.
    The civil war was not about freeing slaves. It was about the North wanting to keep blacks out of the West, and having it slave free; the South wanted to make industry in the West with slaves.
    In the end Lincoln wanted to send all the blacks back to Africa but was forced into signing an end to slavery.

    Hope this is helpful?

    Chaz W

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