What are some ways to learn spanish?

I want to learn spanish. My boyfriend is mexican but he wont teach me nothing so is there a website I can go to or any books that I can read to learn spanish. Thank you


  1. I’ll help with your spanish
    I’m from mexico

    just e-mail me, tomorrow beause I need to go the bed
    it’s 12 O’ clock in mexico

    ☻╬ ☻╬ Rich@rd ★★★★
  2. fastest way, get lost in a spanish speaking country with no one else to talk to. you’ll be forced to either learn the language or go crazy and start talking to inanimate objects. if that isn’t a viable option, there are a myriad of ways to learn the language. ranging from books to audio tapes (or CDs/mp3s, nowadays) to computer programs designed to teach you words as you do for a child. i’ve heard good things about the rosetta stone program, but also heard it can be expensive. a trip to your local book store could benefit you or a quick search on google. good luck.

  3. My boyfriend is from Mexico and he has taught me some and I’m still learning from him but sometimes it’s confusing. I also go to this website: https://www.freetranslation.com/translate-version3.asp

    You can also go to your local library and they will have cd’s there, well at least mine does.

    At first my boyfriend didn’t want me to learn spanish but i told him if he wanted our son to learn he better teach me or our son won’t learn it either. It’s great for the kids to learn both languages. There are so many jobs they can get when older

    Email i would like to ask you some questions from your previous posts and have questions about your babies hair. I have a 9 month old that is half white and half mexican

  4. I am Liliana, host of SpanishPod. I would like to invite you to our site; we hope you like the lessons and decide to stick with us!
    We offer lessons at different levels; from Newbie to Advanced. We also have videos like Cooking with Tabasco, and La Clave, SpanishPod’s video grammar review. We have extra shows like Del Taco al Tango, a cultural tour Latin America to find out about customs, food, and regional slang, among other topics. We have a question and answer show Pa’ que sepas and news and features show called ¿Qué pasa?
    Saludos y vamos a aprender español.

  5. spanish language is one of international language that captures ones interest regardless of nationality. why not ? it is an elegant language . the way it is pronounced sounds great and very interesting . you could acquire it from foreign language school .

  6. You can learn spanish on studyspanish.com and try to get your husband to talk to you in spanish. We have a support group on facebook just for Whites or Blacks who are married to Hispanic Latinos. It’s a private forum. You can send me an email from here or you can email me at brooklolly@aol.com

    N L

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