What are the different features in a Puerto Rican and a Mexican?

I’m half Mexican and can’t tell the difference, today a new kid came in our class from Puerto Rico, I assumed he was Mexican, but until he spoke to me in spanish was the only way I knew he wasn’t. Because they tend to speak fast, were I can’t understand them. Anyways he looked like your typical Mexican, he also was offended by me telling him this, and quickly told me they don’t. Well at least to me he did looked like one. What are some features Puerto Ricans have that Mexicans don’t or vice versa?


  1. simple, mexicans in general have the mestizo look (spaniard/indian) and puerto ricans have the mulatto features (black/white). but usually there are ppl who are mixed with indian in puerto rico so it can make them look similar to mexicans.

    i dont think there is a typical features for hispanics just in general, they can look like any race. except middle eastern of course. i only seen like 2 who look kinda middle eastern but not all the way.

  2. Mexicans are better at evading border patrol agents while Puerto Ricans are better at avoiding cops in general. Hope this helps.

    Ask a ridiculous question…..

  3. They could look like anyone, just like mexicans can. I’ve met black and white puerto ricans and some that look like your "stereotypical" hispanic. I’ve seen some biracial ones too. So before you assume someone is Mexican why dont you just ask them where they’re from? =) Going by what you’re saying the fact that they talk with an accent that’s different from yours should’ve been a clue they werent mexican.

  4. I have a friend who is Puerto Rican and he never liked to be called Mexican, nor does any latino liked to be called something other then their own nationality. My friend looks just like this Mexican guy I know at the gym but much bigger, and sometimes a Puerto Rican can have African in them because of the slave trade. But basically when it comes down to it latino is Mestizo mixed with Spanish. Like John Leguizamo the actor is Puerto Rican, but if he told me he was Mexican then I would believe him.

    Kobra Status
    Puerto Ricans look White Spanish, Italian or French. They may also look Black from Yoruba or Igbo in West Africa. There are a few who are Asian and the native Taino indians. And even more are mixed with all of the above. If you look at the Igbo people of Nigeria in Africa, you can clearly see how they influenced Puerto Rican’s features.

    The people range from pale white to dark ebony. They usually have brown curly hair and dark eyes but there are some with blue eyes. Some have dark circles under their eyes. They are usually on the short side and the women have some booty.

    They are much less genetically diverse than Puerto Ricans and there really isn’t as much evidence of race in Mexico. It is just assumed (and rightly) that most are comprised of Amerindian and Spanish. Or one of those. There are select groups of Afro Mexicans but they are few and far between and have mixed with other Mexicans to the point where they are not always distuingishable and some Mexicans will have a small percentage of African ancestory, mostly in the Southern regions.
    It is hard to categorize the Mexican look. The are usually not pale white or dark ebony. Their skin color ranges from alabaster to dark honey. Their look is more Amerindian/Asian in appearance IMO. They have high cheekbones are a result. They usually have straight hair more than Puerto Rican, though it’s sometimes curly. It’s almost always dark hair and eyes.

    In the end, facially and physically you can usually tell the difference between Mexicans and Puerto Ricans, I can’t explain it. There is a subtle difference between the two Latinos.

  6. EASY. Puerto Ricans have more (Black People body shapes) thats why many of the girls have a nice butt and are very curvy. Some of the men are short but many are average or tall. Skin color.. they come in all kinds. Hair color.. most are brunette but there are some who come out with blonde hair especially if they have more of Spain in their blood.
    Mexicans tend to have darker skin and more indian looking traits. Yet some can come out very light skin with blonde hair and green eyes. Most of them dont though. Many are short, very few are tall or even average. The women tend to not have such a nice body shape and many lack having a “big nice butt” like other hispanic or latina women. Sad but true. Not many are very pretty or good looking either. Except for the 1s that we see on T.V. thats probably as far as being good looking they can get.

    By the way I’m neither Puerto Rican nor Mexican in case anyone was wondering. Hope this helps.

    Andrea Lombardi
  7. I’m glad somebody asked this question. My father is from P.R. and my mother from the U.S., but mexican. I have both features (curly hair, high cheekbones, huge butt, dark skin and medium brown eyes) and it ERKS me how everyone just assumes I’m black!! This clears the air for me! And boo to all the haters and their rude comments!

  8. um one thing im mexican american and my man is puerto rican and i have alot a mexican american friends with nice body and big buts including me so i dnt know were u geting this from o and puertorican girls have nappy hair and mexicans have long straight pretty hair also we have a pretty skin tone and beautiful face not a flat nose like some puerto rican girls the only reason ur part of the us is because you guys let the us own u!!! lol and im so happy that we mexicans have our own country and independent u know kinda embersing sayin tha united states own your ass y tu pais… any way dont get me wrong i love puerto rican guys and my son is half puerto rican and mexican… also my husband is lite skinned with honey brown eyes and puerto rican i lived in arecibo puerto rico for six months with him and the girls i saw most were dark skinned and nappy hair some were lite skinned tho like my sisters in law and family.

  9. To learn the difference in physical appearance you must see the difference… First go to the western part of the US like cali, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and live there for 2 years.. Then fly to Florida and live there for 2 years.. You will see the difference and learn it.. 😀


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