What did the movie, 'A Day Without a Mexican", mean to you?

I thought it was a blatant attempt to convince weak-minded people to think breaking the law was ok, and to think otherwise meant you are a ‘racist’.

I think a day with out a mexican, would expose the companies that illegally hire them because the want ads would suddenly be bursting and the gov’t could easily see who the illegals worked for.
I also thought it was ‘racist’ as MANY LEGAL immigrants from other countries do the low end work because of language barriers and disparate educations.
I married a mexican so I don’t want a day without her, but without the illegals?
A day, week, month, year, decade and lifetime?
Fine by me!
What do you think?
johnny zondo, you say this:
stop being racist and remember that you white people need mexicans
I reply:
stop being racist and remember that mexicans need white people to give you jobs!
Go down to baton rouge and see white, black, cajun and creol people who live on k a year!
see on mexicans doing menial jobs for next to nothing!
They are born in america and THEY want a better life too.
but they are poor and often have no choice, but illegals choose to be law breakers!
and the movie assumes that anyone who is anti ILLEGALS is anti mexican. THIS IS A LIE!
I hate the fact that they are LAWBREAKING CRIMINALS!
How the gov. could control that??? Impossible!!! Peolple will keep hiring illegals and illegal will keep working!
brazil girl, you paint yourself as intelligent, so stop playing that you do not understand!
you ARENOT an example, as you are legal and so on. and as for the above quote,
that arguement is absolutely false and you know it. apply that reasoning to ANY other crime
drug dealing, murder for hire, mafioso activity,
selling answers to tests, kidnapping (they will always kidnap and parents will always pay!)
perhaps the one quality you lack is
See the wizard, he can help you now
follow, follow, follow, follow
follow the yellow brick road!


  1. It meant nothing. The movie was a joke!
    Law breakers can go home-no matter who they are. Law breaker supportors-I hope you go with them. And I hope you need help from the law-and it won’t be there for you.

  2. A Day Without a Mexican means that my good friend Hector doesnt call me. I dont run into him anywhere, and definitely I dont spend any time during that day thinking about his dirty a$$. That’s what a day without a mexican means to me.

    Have you seen that move ‘A month without a white hooker?’

  3. i think the movie shows that mexicans (of which i am, born in the US) serve a purpose in the US…we work hard and long hours for little pay simply to get by…and we DO do the stuff that you white people dont want to sully (dirty) your hands with.

    what the movie shows you is that when the mexicans dissapear there will be alot of stuff the rest of the peopel will have to do themselves. and that you should be happy that youve got people that are willing to do the boring, monotonous and dirty jobs so you dont have to.

    stop being racist and remember that you white people need mexicans…youre far to weak wristed to pick your own fruit & vegetables and clean up after yourselves.

  4. some mexicans work the menial jobs for low pay because they’re here illegally. some mexican americans work menial jobs for low pay because they’re stupid idiots. i work menial jobs for high pay because i turn in every illegal i see working a job that many u.s. citizens would gladly do, if only the illegals were’nt keeping the pay scale down so low.

    Kathy O
  5. I think that they’re trying to get what they want of one way or another. I don’t agree that illegals are trying to convince anyone, They’re just showing how important they are. How the gov. could control that??? Impossible!!! Peolple will keep hiring illegals and illegal will keep working! Illegals don’t do the low because of the language or of the education. They do what they got to do to make their living, or maybe they don’t have any other opportunity… I can tell you that a bus boy restaurant makes the same money as a bank teller. . I’m not illegal. I’m living here (USA) for 5 years. I play piano, violin, speak 4 languages and I studied Turism ( university in Brazil) And I work in a Restaurant. I workng 5 days wk – 6/7 hrs. And I’m making $4k monthly.Am I dong the low?
    I believe that peolple are people, does not matter how they look or come from. You must care about them. and Respect them.

    I’m so sure that one day without the Illegals would not be possible.

  6. That movie was nothing less than 100% pro-mexican propaganda. A day without a mexican? Can we get a whole year? Who else is tired of all this garbage? Why don’t we have ‘a day without an american’? Mexico’d fold up like a cheap kite…

  7. the problem is not the illegals as such but the fat cat upstanding business folk who hire them. If you rounded up a few dozen of those then you would not have the problem because they would hire Americans and might even give them decent pay(not likely) or else they would do as always and get their man in Washington to bring boatloads of cheap labour for them over from Asia. But you first have to throw a bunch of your business people in the prison along with the druggies and child rapers


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