What is the best ipod app to learn Spanish with?

I’m looking for an app that is a course, and not just vocabulary flashcards or games. I’m full Mexican, and I don’t know Spanish, so I want to learn. I don’t care if it costs money. Thanks.


  1. There really isnt a good app, unless there is a natural speaker behind it Just a computer app wont teach you tricks and things that you would learn from a native speaker or teacher. Most things will just give you the word and not all the changing involved.

  2. This is what I’ve done and I’ve been learning Spanish for almost five years and is one of my majors in college.

    1. Use http://www.livemocha.com and sign up for courses. This website is really helpful because you send in submissions that are reviewed by native speakers. There’s a version in which you have to pay, but the free version is still helpful and lets you learn a lot of basic Spanish which you said you need.

    2. Make your own flashcards from the phrases you learn there or elsewhere. If you go to http://www.spanishdict.com they have a phrasebook and I made notecards of a lot of those. Secondarily, if you use the flashcard website http://www.flashcardexchange.com you can import those onto your iPod/iPhone by an app called Mental Case.

    I’ve tried a few Spanish learning apps, but really it takes a lot more than that and you have to individualize your notecards to what you need to learn. I have an app called SpanishTT on my phone, but I’ve never used it. But on top of that, if you know any people (friends, family, etc.) who are native speakers or know the language that will be infinitely helpful to you. Immersion into the language will help you far more than an iPhone app could possibly do.

    You can also look up pre-made notecard sets of Spanish vocab from various stories, writers, etc. and as your vocabulary develops you can just keep memorizing and start integrating that with verb tenses and conjugations you’ve learned.

    Best of luck.

    (not sure why I got thumbs down, just trying to let you know what has helped me the most)


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