What is the best way to learn Spanish the fastest?

well my dads side of the family is Mexican so they really want me to learn Spanish because i can never understand them. I really want to impress them and i don’t live with them, i live with my mom.

So do you have any ideas of how to learn Spanish the fastest?

Any ideas of where to start learning first??


  1. Of course there is no fast way to learn Spanish.It will take many years of constant exposure and hard work.Start learning a lot of easy words.5 words every day is very good.Learn some short sentences.Read and write and listen a lot.

    Don Verto
  2. Over the school year last year I had decided to go to Germany for 2 months, and I hadn’t really known much, even though my dad went to college in Germany.
    I took a rosetta stone (it costs 200 dollars though), and went to germany for about a month, and just went out every day. Mostly went to pubs because of I love german beer, but I speak more fluently in German than my dad now.
    Don’t skip going to spain/mexico because it costs alot. You’ll have a ton of memories from their culture, and you will also be able to learn faster than Rosetta stone. Go for atleast a month too as well.
    In European languages, you can pick up their language fast by just going there. In Asian langauges and South American languages, they talk a bit fast so it’s hard. (Noted from experience, I tried learning Mandarin as well, but failed miserably)

  3. go to freerice.com
    and practice some of the basic words there.
    (plus you donate money to a good cause!!)
    –>btw you have to go to "change subject" then find Spanish under the language section.

    I guess if you have no knowledge, you might want to take a class or check out some YouTube videos, because you have to first be able to pronounce the words right before you can start learning vocabulary.
    Theres also those Spanish on tape at bookstores, those are very helpful. My mom used a CD program and learned basic Spanish in 2 weeks just listening to it in the car to and from her work.

    =] good luck !

  4. Immersion classes are the fastest way to learn a language without having to actually move to another country. Unfortunately, some areas don’t offer them, so you will have to check your local city to see if there are any language schools/immersion programs. Does your school offer Spanish classes? Even traditional classroom Spanish classes can be very helpful in learning basic communication. Also, if you have any friends who speak Spanish, ask them to only speak Spanish to you. The more you hear Spanish–and the more you struggle to understand what people are saying to you–the faster you will learn.

    Sarah Brown
  5. Sorry, but there is NO quick fix for fast language learning! If you try to hurry up too much, you will never learn anything properly. If immersion is not possible for you, you should start taking face-to-face language lessons at least.

  6. If you are between the age of 10-15, it’s possible to learn faster.

    Go on facebook, meet people who speak the language and ask them if they can teach you etc.
    Listen to Spanish music, watch Spanish tv shows etc.

    Annie D

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