what is the biggest obstacle when learning a third language? (im struggling to learn German!)?

i know English, and Spanish and am currently learning German. but i cant seem to make it stick. some words r easy but others i keep getting confused with my spanish (even though i know little of and have a huge american accent! and even though im mexican! lol )

so i was wondering, does anyone else ever have this problem when learning a 3rd language?


  1. I’m 55 years old now and started to learn my third language at 18, I speak 5 and I did not find difficulties to learn any. However, after living in Jamaica for 4 years, I went to Ecuador and enrolled in French classes, I was supposed to be in level 11 and ended in level 3, I could write and real it but not to speak it neither to understand it! 🙁
    The problem was that I kept thinking everything in English.

    Concentrate in the new language and little by little you’ll progress, on the other hand, it is said that to practice German, is good to put a hot potato in your mouth while you pronounce it 😀

    Don’t worry about accent as long as you can understand and be understood.

    Paula L
  2. Getting stuff confused LOL. German was my second though and I didnt find it difficult at all however when I was learning french which was my third german kept coming to mind instead its hard when the alphabet is the same to always distinguish between languages. I had a hard time with french but not so hard with Russian and I am doing ok with Arabic so its something your just gonna have to train yourself on. Eventually you will stop getting things mixed up

    Cherry Bomb
  3. The major problem most have when learning their third language is that they often get confused between at least two of them! It’s normal so don’t worry.

    The strange thing is that English is derived from German so if you were to confuse two languages I would have thought it would have been these two rather than Spanish, which is a romance language and quite different from German!

    Just keep working hard, it will click eventually.

    John Phillips
  4. My third language was French, and I never had trouble mixing things up, because when I started it I was already fluent in Hebrew and English. But when I started learning Arabic, I would always throw in random french words, even though Hebrew is a lot more similar to Arabic. I think it’s just a matter of how well you know the other languages. If you’re actively learning 2 languages at once, getting them mixed up is inevitable because your brain is in the mindset of learning a language, and sometimes just mixes up which one.

    As you improve in both languages, it should stop. After a year of Arabic I stopped speaking french (in Arabic class :P).

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