What's the best way improve my Spanish vocabulary and grammar?

I learned Spanish from my Mexican mother and from my high school. Now that I’m in college, I’m kind of embarrassed that people who aren’t Hispanic have a greater mastery of the grammar, vocabulary and the subtle nuances of the language, and although they might not be able to carry on a conversation in Spanish as easily as I can, I often find myself being corrected. I was hoping if anyone new of a free and easy way that I could brush up on my skills. Thanks.


  1. The fastest way for me was to find something I really enjoyed (after visiting the college language lab) and use Spanish for it. For me, it was reading. I began to read books I was unfamiliar with in Spanish, rather than English. I found my language skills progressed more from that than from the language lab.

  2. does your college have one of those "language tables" or a club where you can go and practice? The best thing you can do is practice around people who can help you improve. Meet educated people from other Spanish speaking countries and widen your knowledge of other colloquialisms.

    Try watching movies dubbed in Spanish (it’s so easy nowadays, since all you have to do is change the language on most DVDs).

    Take classes. There might be something at your college that is offered for people who just need advanced grammar or something along those lines.

    Our high school offered a course called Spanish for the Spanish speaker, geared specifically for the student like yourself, who might not have gotten a good grasp of mechanics somewhere down the line. If you can find something like that…

  3. This was my experience with English and it may help you as well with your Spanish.

    This one can only be improved with practice. That means hearing people speak the language. I will rent Disney movies and watch them in Spanish with Spanish Subtitles. Later you can move to other type of movies in Spanish.

    Formal Education. Since you already speak Spanish, look for "Mexican Elementary and Middle School Spanish Books". Also you can download "Ortografia de la lengua Espanola" on the link below.

    Like in any language, this can only be achieved by reading. Try literature in Spanish (better if the book was originally written in Spanish). Also try yahoo.com.mx and read the News there.


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