Which foreign language should I choose ?

I need to chose between spanish, french, german and mandarin for my foreign language class. Im already fluent in Spanish, as im mexican, so I really have 3 languages to choose from. Im leaning towards German, but I can easily change mind.
I obviously tried to apply for spanish, but they didnt let me choose it, because its not in the spirit of "multicultarism".


  1. Personally I found learning a language to be really hard or maybe it was just my teacher but anyway if I were you I would just take Spanish and get an easy A hahaha but if you got the time and you actually wanna learn a new Language I would go with French.

    Yea that’s stupid if you wouldn’t of told them you speak spanish in the first place then they would have let you take it duhhhhhhh just cause your mexican doesn’t mean you know spanish, I’m mexican and I don’t know spanish lol

    James Jordan
  2. Yes, French will be easy but it’s not very useful anymore. Mandarin (and Arabic) are going to be very much in demand in business. It is by far the better choice for you as a job skill.

    University Language Teacher

  3. You should do Portuguese or Italian it is very easy to learn these if you speak Spanish. But, out of these do French easy cuz it kinda sounds like Spanish but German sounds like English. So German or French.


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