Why Do Americans hate Mexican and think they are all illegal?

I am a Third Generation Mexican American and although some people in my family speak Spanish as in my relatives and grandparents, I speak English and I consider myself american but why is it that people say I am not an american and a Mexican even though I was born in the United States and I am a legal citizen. Also, I would like to know your opinions. Am I American Or Mexican?


  1. Because when ‘Americans’ first went there themselves they exterminated everybody who was already living there.

    Which is, actually, illegal!

    So they have a deep-seated, primeval ‘national’ fear that anyone else who arrives there now must presumably intend to do the same.

    Lord Nelson
  2. One time or another, all of us come from different places– all of us had ancestors who were immigrants, even if it meant native american decendants crossing the Bering Strait from Asia.

    Many generations ago, I had ancestors come from Scotland and Germany and Ireland and England– so am I Scottish or Irish or English or whatever? Sure. That’s my heritage. But I’m also American– America is a mixture of people from all over the world. So you can consider yourself to be both, and be proud of it.

  3. Not all Americans hate Mexicans but the ones who do are usually conservative white Americans that are angry at becoming minorities in "their own" country.

  4. I hate illegals, but I don’t think every Mexican or latino is illegal. However, liberals do. They call the Republicans racist every time they try to do something about illegal immigrants. They imply that Republicans hate Mexicans, yet they never said they had a problem with Mexicans, or even illegal Mexican immigrants, just illegals. They also call racist every time the Republicans do something that isn’t kissing the asses of the poor… as if all minorities are poor and all the poor are minorities. Hypocrite much?

    Oh, and you are American. Definitely.

    Account IV

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