Why do Americans hate Mexican immigrants?

The mexicans I’ve met are hard-working and have great work ethics, They try to get by with what little they have and don’t bother anyone.
They have great courage to drop their lives in Mexico and come to a racist country which hardly respects, a country whose language they haven’t mastered.
If the shoe were on the other foot, I would be scared and wouldn’t leave my native country at all.
Not all the Mexicans I’ve met are illegal, so why do Americans stereotype so much?

Are ppl just being racist when they berate Mexican immigrants?


  1. I don’t hate them, I just wish they would come here legally, pay our taxes, and speak our language. Not too much to ask. Yes, they do work hard, I’ll give them that. Why should we master their language when some of them won’t even learn basic English?

  2. Big Business uses them to bust Unions and lower wages.

    It’s not the Mexicans fault, they just want a job and Mexico pretty much sucks so you can’t blame them for moving.

    But do some research and you will see this is true. It’s esp. true in the Meat Packing Industry. Back in the late 1960’s, Beef Packers had a strong union, had good benefits and made as much money as Auto Workers.

    Then they started recruiting workers in the poorest parts of Mexico and busing them all the way to Iowa.

    Now Meat Packing is one of the worst jobs in America.

    Personally, I’ve never had a bad experience with Mexicans. But I resent what has happened to American Unions.

    Mr. Bitter
  3. They refuse to learn the English language (whereas in the past, all other immigrants, like the ones who came in on Ellis Island did) & their refusal to learn English cause many difficulties in dealing with them like out in public, legal matters, etc. They are all about Mexican pride, but not about American pride; they fly the MEXICAN flags on their cars, as opposed to American flags. And the fact that they get free healthcare (whereas no one else does, particularly the elderly) may make many longterm REAL Americans (like the elderly) resentful, as they rightly should.

    Are these enough reasons for you?

    Daisy Mae
  4. some racism, some ignorance, and some just have anger issues(which seems to be prevalent here). Alot of it has to with the fact Mexico has severe human rights and economical issues and so at face value it seems as if Mexicans come to our country because their’s sucks, instead of staying in their home country and making it a better place through hard work. SO it would seem only the lazy, desperate, or unpatriotic Mexicans go to another country for work! Why would you leave a place that has so many beautiful public beaches and a strong culture and at the same time needs locals to act righteously? I would say to Mexico: Ask not what another country can do for you, but what can you do for your country !

  5. Because they take all the jobs.Come here with nothing and get everything.And if you apply for a job you have to be billgual.When they shouldnt do that.The mexicans should learn english.This is a english speaking country.

    Material Girl$
  6. People don’t hate Mexicans, they hate illegal immigrants of all kinds. Because of the huge influx of immigrants, a strain has been put on almost everything – schools, hospitals, etc.

    For me, the shoe is on the other foot, I’m an immigrant myself and I moved to a place that is literally on the other side of the world – pretty much as far away from my home as I can be. The culture is completely unrecognizable, the language is completely different and I’m still learning it now…but I study every day in addition to working full time and I came here legally. The US isn’t racist – try living in a place where they can demand to see your passport at, literally, any time because you look different. That’s racist.


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