Why do Americans speak English better than Brits and why do Mexicans speak Espanol better than Spaniards?

It seems like all you cowards disagree with me. I am fluent in 4 languages and I can acertain that what I say is true. Maybe I was wrong by saying better, but it sure does sound more understandable.

And to the guy that said colombians speak beautiful Spanish, they dont, I personally think it sounds awful because of their intonations. I mean to say that American English is just more clear, and so is Mexican Spanish.


  1. When you say "Americans" what do you mean? New Yorkers? Southerners? There are many different dialects of English. Other major languages have them too. None are "better," they just sound different.

    Big Papa
  2. Colombians speak beautiful Spanish and so do the Spaniards for that matter. Mexicans are not known for the beauty of their Spanish. Not sure that Americans speak better English than the Brits.

  3. There is no better English and there is no better Spanish.

    Everyone speaks the language of their own country and that’s how it works. There is no better/worse in this area.

    And if you really think so……… I’m sorry for you…… but I congratulate you for knowing how to write properly given your mental disability.

  4. what? americans speak better english than brits? and mexicans better spanish than spaniards? hahaha good joke….. Simply they skeak OUR languajes in a different way.


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