Why do illegal Mexican migrants come to the USA ?

Hey guys, i’m doing this for my Geography homework. I have to write a short paragraph about each of these questions.
– Why do illegal Mexican migrants come to the USA ?
– What problems do they face ?
– Why does this anger American citizen ?
Please explain in detail if possible.
Any response will be appreciated. Thanks in advance !


  1. Short answer is they cost us one trillion dollars a year, commit crimes, obtain welfare illegally or through an anchor child, and steal medical care from hospitals. This angers citizens because the taxpayers have to pay for all of it.

  2. They come in hopes of a better life and the ability to make money. However, their idea of a better life and ours is very different.

    They make less money, because dishonest employers can exploit their illegal status.
    They can’t speak english, so they have the same problem.
    I’m sure there are many personal issues they face, but I would be guessing at them.

    Why people get angry:

    They make money, but then send it to Mexico, taking it out of our economy.

    They take jobs away from citizens, and then don’t pay taxes.

    Their idea of a better environment is different than ours, and the areas where they live are filthy and breed violence.

    Many are violent and end up in prison… we don’t just send them back, we freakin’ house and feed them here to the tune of about $35k a year each.

    They just KEEP HAVING KIDS that they can’t afford. It makes medical costs higher for everyone because we have to pick up the tab – many hospitals have closed down because of this. A hospital doesn’t ask for proof of residency and can’t turn them away. This above all else disgusts me beyond belief. They want a better life, but can’t make responsible decisions.

    If they truly wanted a better life I could understand it. What they want is to make this Mexico, but the way they live in Mexico DOESN’T WORK or they wouldn’t be coming here. They hate Americans but are more than happy to live on their backs.

    Sorry… I can’t stand the fact that they are here.

  3. because they are criminals wanted in their own country, no allegiance to their own country or people, free educations, free welfare for anchor babies, our government panders to them.

    Ha Ha
  4. They claim the are coming for the jobs, and while that is partially true, they are coming from the number 12 economy in the world, and as many of those folks are not seeking low level jobs.. but upper echelon jobs and doing so at a higher wage rate. Across the board, the compete with American Labor for the jobs they take. At lower levels particularly, they compete with the first time job seeker.. the kid who dropped out of school, and do intense damage to the minority groups (who have the highest rate of drop out in the nation) competing for those jobs.

    They frequently do not speak English, do not have an education, and do not have the identification which allows them to work in this country. They buy the I.D., and work for less to compensate for lack of English and education.

    Across the board, low level to high level, the jobs the illegal aliens are taking are usually entry level jobs. They should be going to citizens who have dropped out of school, high school graduates, community college graduates and college graduates. And they are not going to our people, but going to illegal aliens because they work in constant fear they will be thrown out for being illegals and there fore, tolerate abuses they should not. In addition, when they have entered the job positions in any American Company, they cause the wages to go down.

    Another issue appears with this question: the illegal aliens use welfare in conjunction with fake I.D.s. and while this fact cannot be documented, the number of welfare cases goes down dramatically when the Immigration Service removes large numbers of illegal aliens from the system. This ties to yet another issue where in the welfare that is lost is paid by the Federal Government rather than the citizens of the community, or the citizens of the State. When that happens, the welfare the illegal aliens collect becomes revenue that shows up in the State Budget as income and it is very much appreciated that Ms. X is taking Women with Infant Children aid (WIC’s) and doing that. And so, there is a staggering welfare fraud issue that cannot be resolved E Verify is put in place and welfare checked for that fraud.
    If you use the above, you should try and link it to those assertions. The welfare going to illegal aliens is in the 389 billion a year area, but with E Verify, probably much higher.

    Joel W
  5. I think the anger issues are covered somewhat so I’ll tell you what I know about the other questions.

    So many come here for a temporary period of time. They can make $10/day at home and $80/day + here so they say to their families. I’ll be gone for 1 year, two years. We can start our own business when I get back, buy a house, etc. All kinds of goals. And then they end up staying. Many times they bring up the rest of the family.

    Problems? Where to start? They don’t work as often as they want. The temptations to drink and misbehave without family are great. Or they start a new family here. Or the wife is running around with someone down there. Another excuse to start drinking. They can never answer the door. Always look over their shoulders. Drive without a license and insurance because they can’t obtain them. Every phone call from home is a request for money. Uncle Carlos is sick. Send more. The kids need this. Send more. Your cousin needs a loan. Send more. They miss their home terribly but it seems like everybody calls only when they want something. Better to sit around and drink with new friends than worry about making more money to send to the never ending requests for more money. The wife/kids can’t be seen walking around in old clothes with a husband in the States. Meanwhile he’s living with 3 other guys in a one bedroom with little comforts of home. She thinks he’s living in luxury like on tv and the resentment grows. And they miss hanging with the relatives, with family, being in the familiar places where they grew up. That’s just a glimpse of the personal issues. Getting and keeping jobs with or without false documents is a whole other set of issues you ought to be able to find on the Internet. Many work here and there and wherever they can get work, but quite often it is very transient. Many do manage to get steady work, but for many that just never happens.

  6. Take it from an actual Mexican

    i know some people who came illegally i actually asked them whatsup.
    Why? there are many reasons, alot of them have the vision of "the american dream" which is an excellent job, cool tv and car. but many are not educated enough to understand what kind of economy that america is going through. since they lack the education its a bit hard to get a decent job in mexico. and mexico is really strict when it comes to education. i know kids as young as 15 dropping out of school to help support their families in mexico and they think if they come to the U.S. it’ll be easier to get a better job to help support their families. (this is just some mexicans)
    another story that ive heard is quite depressing, they had escape the drug war, the shootings in their neighborhood was a too common thing. and the father is to afraid to raise his kids in a corrupted town. some families who have the money legally move to the United States or any other country find a decent job and home to raise their children, the common problem is that their visa expires and its too dangerous to return to their country so they keep it secret. other families who cant afford to move sell everything they have and go to the U.S. with their clothes on their back. many people say that their cowards, yes but their trying to do whats best for their family.
    what problems do they face?
    for the immigrants traveling by foot across the border they face heat exhaustion, hypothermia at night, and death.
    to those who made it they face discrimination, language barriers, racism, i know Doctors who had to work in orchards just because its difficult for them to learn the language. they also face the risk of deportation, a small percentage of mexicans might’ve achieved that american dream and with the money they earned they actually could get a decent lawyer to help them earn residency.

    why does this anger american citizens?
    several reasons. a very common one is racism, alot of americans think mexicans are "Cholos" and run in gangs or just mow lawns all the time. and they think that we’re distroying american culture (which fyi american culture has been adopted from countries around the world) other americans think that they’re stealing jobs but for that it takes two to tango if mexicans are stealing jobs who’s giving those jobs to the mexicans hmm? also what jobs are they stealing? like any other immigrant with little english they work in the most simplest jobs, orchards, factories, taxi’s, cleaning maids, etc… some U.S. americans take advantage and give them terrible pay.
    some americans get angry when they send money back home which affects our economy but lets not see that that’s the only reason that our economy is going down. Others think that illegals dont pay taxes, theres a good amount that pay taxes, some dont know how, and others just really have no idea what their doing with their money.
    this is as far as i know, but please do some legitimate research if its for an assignment. and perhaps you could interview a Mexican about the american dream and the drug wars in mexico.
    good luck hope this helps

  7. Wow Mad and Alma hit the nail on the head. Pay here sucks, about $750 mxn – $1200mxn ($70-110)/wk for 6 days. Housing is cheaper but land is very expensive, tomatoes are about the only thing cheaper here, Clothing, electronics, meat, etc. cost at least as much as they do in the US. Interest on loans is about 6 times the rate in the US, often as high as 10% per week. In some areas it is impossible to find a job if you are older than 25. People here have no problem working 6 days a week but it is really hard when you work 12 hours days and can’t even feed yourself, much less raise a family.


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