Why do mexicans always talk about how they hate america and love mexico? But there still here.?

If mexico is so great why are you here. go back to it.


  1. They want the advantages of AMERICA… but the also want not to work for it.

    Like – Learning the language… expecting US to honor THEIR holidays and customs.

    Obama is talking about IMMIGRATION reform… I don’t think it will be long before he opens up a can of worms that is going to result in MASS deportations.

  2. Mexico doesn’t give them welfare.They come here a live off of yours and mine tax dollars.And they would go back if we took all entitlements away form them and their anchor babies.

  3. The only thing they really want is to make money here and provide for their family in Mexico. Majority do really hate the US and are pissed that they cannot get everything in their favor that they want here.

    For proof of their intense dislike of the US, go to any Mexican bar in the US that is showing a futbol game between Mexico and the US. Watch what happens in the bar when the US scores a goal.

    It is not a pretty sight.

  4. Because they are just here for the money.They have no American pride.They think Americans are lazy.I know people from Mexico that came in the legal way.It took them 7 years and lots of money.But that shows how much they really wanted to be Americans.To go through all that effort and expense.They salute all that is America and do not talk kindly of Mexico.I also know a man who is here illegally.He to says we are lazy that Mexico is great.If you ask him why he lives here then and not in Mexico he says"cuz there are no jobs in Mexico".He has no drivers license and has been arrested several times for DWI and driving without a valid drivers license.If we tell him that all that is going to get him deported he says he doesn’t care if he goes back to Mexico.I guess because he just walk back in with a new name whenever he wants.

    Jane Doe
  5. The Mexican flag is the Italian flag with a chicken in the middle. Mexico is a dump and they think we don’t know it. Mexico is run by 100% Hispanics but they don’t care about each other. They don’t know how to run a country and govern themselves, that’s why they flee their country and want to live under the American system.


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