Why do Mexicans try to talk to dead people at grave stones all the time?

A Mexican woman in my office makes two visits per year to the grave stone of someone who died 20 years ago. She takes time off of work to go and speak to the dead person in hopes that he hears her………………are all Mexicans like this and if so, why?
I never heard of such a thing on the scale that Mexicans do it.


  1. It is not just the Mexicans who pratice this sort of ritual at grave-sites, you have people of all races who do those things. I wish that I can educate them all to let them know that their loved ones are not there and that their spirit is with the creator….But, for some, it makes them feel closer to the loved ones who passed on when they visit the last known place that their body was laid to rest….

  2. I did that once or twice and kind of felt silly about it. Now I just visit grave stones silently. It’s hard to let go of people that you are attached to, so I guess it makes people feel better.

  3. People do that in love of the memory of a lost person who was and still is, important to them. All Mexicans dont do this and certainly not all of the time.


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