Why do people always talk about the Mexicans?

There are many different types of illegals here like Chinese to which the government gives them money to start businesses and buy homes etc….
Yet everyone focuses on the mexicans, the mexicans, the mexicans
I am american and so are they in case you didn’t know we all live in North America. There country is United States of Mexico.Different country but still americans.
No they don’t give money to illegals but tell me one other race that we allow over here with little to no ? asked and they do give them money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And you guys think that their all Mexicans and their not


  1. That question is always asked because everybody on here focuses on the Mexicans while the illegal Canadians are skipping right in. Racism? Hate? ignorance? All the above?…pick your answer!

    LMAO! at davidmi711’s answer where he says 95% are from Mexico. When we have 11.9M illegals, and the number of unauthorized immigrants from Mexico = 7 million, and appears to have leveled off since 2007, that sure doesn’t add up to 95%…..to funny!


    Golden, that’s 11.9M and they are not ALL from Mexico. That’s the total number of ALL illegals in the US.

  2. OK, I guess the problem is it he lack of assimilation of Hispanics from the Americas along with the large numbers here. This makes them easy targets for the cry of "they are taking over !!!!"

  3. If the government gives them money to start businesses they are not illegal.

    No – their country is mexico. I know – your teacher is teaching you the new world order.

    mexicans and central and south americans are the only ones protesting in the streets for ‘rights’ they neither earned or deserve.

    I don’t know where you live but I live in the United States – not in the north american union.

    Thomasina Paine
  4. Simply because they are the majority and because they are right next door. But im sure if hypothetically speaking we the mexicans were not around the next ones in line would in fact be the Asians. It’s a scapegoat thing, they always want to blame everyone else for their failures (eg the economy)

  5. Over 95% of the illegal aliens in this country came across the Mexican border and are hispanic.

    "illegals here like Chinese to which the government gives them money to start businesses and buy homes etc…." – Sorry, you are confused. The government does not have programs to benefit illegals from any country. They do not have programs to help poor immigrants start businesses.

  6. No there are not. Find a link that supports what you have said and you won’t find that link.

    90% of the illegal aliens are Mexican Nationals.
    98% of the illegal aliens come over the Mexican Border.
    Something like 36% of the illegal aliens wind up in jail.

    Get it?

    Joel W
  7. IGNORANCE!! Their excuse is that it’s because the illegals from Mexico are the majority.BS! It’s an excuse and that’s all it ever will be. Some even talk as if ALL MEXICANS are illegal. They are ignorant and need help.

    LeighAnn D
  8. i think it’s the fact that there are over 12 million illegal aliens from Mexico here. it makes a serious (and obvious) impact. especially in a faltering economy, people get scared, start thinking they would do all those jobs they never would before.

    of course, that’s not really right is it? with all the new rules about hiring illegals there is still work for them. and with this serious downturn in economy i don’t see all those newly unemployed out at the farms, and the packing places, looking for work.

  9. Because it was the Mexicans who paraded in our streets, waving their flags and telling us to go to hell, they’re not leaving. Not the Chinese. Not the Europeans. The Mexicans.

    Such effrontery incurs resentment.

    Call Me Bwana
  10. LOL you need to do your research if you think illegal aliens from Mexico don’t get money, free health care.. do I really need to go on?

    Just another troll on yahoo.

  11. It’s quite simple why my friend? ( THEY WERE RAISED WITH MORAL NO RESPECT AND MOST OF THEY’RE IGNORANT PEOPLE, that don’t know the meaning of ALL MAN CREATED EQUAL FOR JUSTICE OF ALL ! ) AMEN………..

    When I hear someone talking or even glaring at the mexicans it’s like, "Ya all need to get a f*&^%, LIFE!!!!!!

  12. We all know the Mexicans are not the only illegals. We also know that they make up the largest portion of them. We also know we all live in North America. But they are not citizens of the United States. They are citizens of Mexico. Their country Mexico. When they come legally they are welcome. Come illegally and not welcome. See the difference?

  13. Becauase the mex think theyre gods gift.

    As a british citien i look on americas loose immigration policy with contempt.

    Mexicans speak spanish which they changed to suit their own accents.

    However they claim they speak the proper spanish and they refuse to call the language spoken in spain ((which is in europe in case your dumb liberal head doesnt know where it is)) they call whats spoken in spain castillan because the spanish dont pronounce spanish the same way mexicans do and therefore are pronouncing it wrong.


    And whenever anybody points this out that whoever invents a language pronounces it correctly the rats over react.

    However youre a lib so maybe you should start moving to mexico and then refer to yourself as a united statesian because if you call yourself american to a mexican then their knife will probably tear through your throat.

    Grow up ms united statesian.

    ps:: i still call people from usa americans.

    pps:: take care in a land where in the cinema at the dy after tomorrow in the bit where the americans are crossing the border into old mexico the animals in the cinem wooped as the americans died screaming "kill the united statsian dogs!! kill them!! rape their bodies!!" thats why people go on about them. because theyre pond life.

  14. Their country is United States of Mexico! Where did you learn geography? Hopefully not in the US. We share the North American continent with Mexico, but they DEFINITELY ARE NOT PART OF THE UNITED STATES. Canada is also part of the North American continent, but I notice you didn’t include them in your "their Americas too".
    You have your answer. the majority of illegals are Mexican. They demonstrate and desecrate our flag, they do not learn english, they have several babies every year (on welfare) they get free ER care, they drive without license or insurance, they use stolen social security numbers and fake IDs. And lets face it you rarely hear about an illegal Asian, polish, german, french or canadian committing a crime. Almost every article is about Mexicans. YOu people don’t want to be talked about stay in Mexico and don’t commit crimes.

  15. People refer to Mexicans when they refer to illegal aliens because Mexicans make up the greatest number of illegal aliens. Their label is factually incorrect when they use it to refer to all illegal aliens, but people don’t always know what they are talking about.

    They are Americans, but customarily "America" is known as the United States of America, and generally does not refer to any other country. When one says NORTH America, that, of course, would include Mexico.

    Greg N
  16. Yeah their are different parts of illegals in this country…..for example if a colombian guy makes something wrong there comes a white guy and says oh stupid mexicans when it wasn’t even our fault, and the U.S. waste more money on Chinese people( than on other illegals in this country) when were the ones helping them with their country to stay up and stop going down.

  17. bc Mexican illegal immigrants have get a lot more benefits from US government than any other illegal immigrant. also bc they don’t want to even learn English after coming over here, which is such bull crap! also, they’re the majority of illegal immigrants who are taking jobs away from Americans! shame on them!

    ♥Ðue May 4th • ßaby Girl♥
  18. Seriously, the Mexicans make up the largest illegal population and thats a fact. They also cost our country the most money by sponging off of the medical, having several children to keep from being deported, etc. Pick up a book or talk to a sociologist, they will tell you. It may sound harsh but true.

  19. Because the majority of illegals are Hispanic.

    It does not matter if you are illegal from Mexico, China, France, Germany or Mars — you are breaking the law, end of discussion!

  20. you are absolutly right

    we use the Mexicans and after we make dirty jokes about them

    it is almost a racist thing

    i adore Mexican music and coulture

    and my home is in L.A., CA….

    # please answer my 2 interesting questions ;


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