why do people like to talk about mainly just mexican immigrants.?

I’m not mexican, but it’s seems to me like all the questions people post are about mexican immigrants. Do you feel the same way about say, salvadorean immigrants as you do about mexican immigrants?


  1. well we do all the cheap labor they pay us minimum wage for the dirtiest hardest jobs. And yet we are thankfull because in mexico its hard to even get einough money to eat once a day.
    We are just trying to survive and live better. If alot of us were still in mexico we would be starving.
    The only jobs we take from americans are the hardest most uncomfortable and low paying jobs.Its more than einough for us. It makes everything easier for americans. Who are all the people scrubbing toilets, cleaning up poop, picking cabbages while its 100 degree’s outside?. Immigrants.
    As unfair as it is to take those jobs from americans. We are only humans trying to put food on our plates, to take care of our family’s and to have a home to go to every nightt.

    Sorry if thats too much too ask for.
    We don’t ”deserve” to be here but we do what we have to.

  2. This country has a problem with a large number of Mexican ILLEGAL immigrants. If there were more Slavadorean immigrants slipping through our borders and taking our jobs and tax money, then we would talk about them as well.

  3. People talk about Mexicans so much because many of them are illegal aliens and not legal immigrants like many others are. Most people don’t feel the same way about the rest of South America/Central America at all. No one would care if more Mexicans would come here legally. It’s not fair to the rest of the immigrants that got here the right way.

  4. Legal or Illegal, i don’t care either way. We are all just ppl trying to make it from one day to the next.I have no prob with immigrants.

    GeeGee: I’ve known many legals and illegals, and being illegal doesn’t make a man a wifebeater. A legal is just as likely to be a wifebeater as an illegal.He would have been a wifebeater had he stayed legal in MX too.Sad thing for ur daughter though, too bad she didn’t see it coming sooner.I pray for women like her…oh, ive seen lazier legals than illegals in my experiences.

  5. actually the illegal immigrants that come from mexico are not only mexican,They come from other Latin American countries as well as other parts of the world
    let me explain. mexico is the richest country in latin america…
    Many countries from the central & south america , venezuela, colombia, equador,guatemala honduras, costa rica , panama . people, come from there all the way to mexico, from therye jouney to cross the border to USA.
    many hitchhike buses & risk there lives to get there, they have nothing to lose . so it may seem as if it is always mexicans from mexico. but in reality many are coming from other countries & then to mexico & from mexico, across the US border.
    mexico is next to america after all.

    Im sorry but why am I getting thumbs down?
    yes mexicans also cross the border sheesh.
    I just got that information from the history channel focusing on illegal immigrants.
    BOOYAH , yall need to study more.

  6. The majority of immigrants (legal or not) are Mexican…..obviously when something comes at us in droves (literally or metaphorically), it’s going to get the most attention.

  7. I feel the same way toward anyone that comes to this country illegally.My oldest daughter married an illegal and he has beaten her and because of him they have had to sleep in a car and the a small room.I can’t get her away from him as he told her that if she left he would kill all her family.Well 3 years ago I called INS and turned him in and gave all the info even the Alia’s he was using and where to find him and guess what HE’S STILL HERE.If someone wants to come to this country then do it the legal right way!!I If your not legal then get the **** out of my country.

  8. its pure ignorance yet ask them how many have dated or married to a Mexican you would be amazed to know . I myself know alot of people who are prejudice against Mexicans yet are married to one or use them for cheap labor. i think they just want something to bitch about because they dont have much going on in their lives and say its patriotic to defend our country when they are causing factories and plants to be closed and shipped to foreign countries. not only leaving illegals out of a job but legal people as well. how in the hell is that helping a fellow american?

  9. I’m a legal Mexican born in USA (if that makes sense! lol) & my boyfriend’s Indian from India. he’s an immigrant, so…no Mexico’s not the only country with poor people (3rd world) but why is it so hard to accept the fact that my people come here & just the OPPOSITE of lazy. after reading ALL the answers here I see a few stereotypes (not that i’m against stereotypes since many times we it’s what might be a defense mechanism) so…I see why people would feel emotional…

    u r from El Salvador. u didnt mention if u came here legally. I’m assuming u r a proud Latina. so understand ur fellow Latinos. we’re all here in the USA trying to make a life.

    ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
  10. here we go with this question again..All immigrants that are LEGAL are welcome.. IF you are ILLEGAL.. go the HEL L home. as far as Mexicans are concerned 1. they are the ones who come here and say they want a better life but don’t show it by their actions: 2. they criticize Americans and the US and they are not thankful for ANY THING we give them and it’s all FREE 3. stats prove that illegal mexicans commit MOST of the crimes.. rape, murder, etc.. and that they get away with it..4. most countries illegals do not come here and have "anchor babies" and expect us to care for their 6 or 7 kids 5. most illegals don’t expect our welfare.. they really do want to better themselves and prove it by making their own way..not depending on OUR welfare 5. mexicans are the ONLY immigrants who REFUSE to learn our language and DEMAND we learn theirs in OUR country.. they don’t want to assimilate.. they want to make the rules 6. most immigrants from other countries pay taxes and do not work under the table. They have enough respect for the US to really try to follow the rules and if they need welfare, they have paid into it. 7. We don’t spend trillions of dollars a year on other immigrants bills that they REFUSE To pay and on their kids to go to public school and give them FREE lunches on our taxes.. They try to pay their medical bills .. they don’t run to the ER for every little "hang nail"..8. Mexicans are nasty, filthy people and studies prove that whenever they move somewhere property values plummett…9. Mexicans are the only one who seem to think and will tell us that they are taking over our country whether we like it or not..

    They don’t want a better life.. they want all the FREE stuff while in the process ruining thousands of lives by using stolen SS #’s, jobs, houses, etc.. Our children are suffering educational wise because of mexican influx of children because they can’t keep their legs shut..

    As far as I am concerned I don’t care where you are from or what color you are if you are here legally, you have my warmest "welcome to America" but the problem is MOST Mexicans come to America and say "look at our new country.. we will live here, break all the rules, commit crimes, Get MILLIONS of dollars worth of FRee stuff and we won’t pay a DAM N dime for it"..


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