Why do people say Puerto Ricans speak a "Ghetto Spanish" compared to Mexicans?

Why do people say Puerto Ricans speak a "Ghetto Spanish" compared to Mexicans?
I hear people say that Puerto Ricans and many other Island Countries in the Caribbean speak the Spanish language in a "Ghetto" way as opposed to Mexicans who speak Spanish in a Clear and understandable way.

Can someone explain why people say this?


  1. The Spanish spoken in each country in Latin America and the Caribbean differs. Some accents are very clear, others not so much. Also, English loan words are more prevalent in some areas than in others. BUT, how one speaks Spanish is based on education, not nationality. An educated person who doesn’t rely heavily on slang will always be understood. It’s the same with English: some people speak correctly, others throw in words like "ain’t" into their everyday speech.

  2. Actually if you visit the Gulf Coast Mexican states like Veracruz or Mexican states in the Caribbean like Quintana Roo you will hear Mexicans with similar accents to the ones spoken in PR, Cuba, the Dominican Republic.

    The spanish they speak in the Caribbean is similar to the spanish spoken in the Canary Islands near Spain.

    I’ve never heard anyone call it ghetto before, but I know Mexican Spanish is not proper Spanish either it uses a lot of slang and double meanings.

  3. The concept of "ghetto" does not even exist in Puerto Rico. We have different accents just like americans, british and australians for example.

    Every single Spanish speaking country has their own accent and they are all understandable.

  4. Becuz a lot of Puerto Ricans have a bad attitude and think they can act howeva they want so they try to be all though and thug. Mexicans are more humble and respectful and talk like they aint the center of the universe.


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