Why do some MEXICANS refuse to learn english?

I work at a local electronics store and a man comes up and started talking to me in Spanish like i should know the hell he’s talking about!! Then we got a translator and he says that I am the one who need to learn to speak Spanish. Shouldn’t he be the one who needs to learn English?!?!?! This kind of stuff is getting on my nerves more and more all the time. We are letting these people into our Country, yet they refuse to learn our language..


  1. Oh here we are…another "owner of the world" around…..by the way why the hell don’t you start to learn some other language which is not english…or sort of…actually Us is not english either as the "pure" one is only in the Uk..maybe yes the queen’s english LOL….ah resigne yourself…soon you will be forced to learn chinese probably..is the biggest comunity on this world…or maybe spanish….ahaha you will end to have to study mexican darling…how funny isn’t it?

    * g
  2. not true i know many mexicans that cant even speak spanish so there goes your theory

    and u should try to learn spanish in the business world u have be able to interact with different cultures. i took a busniess course in college and i had to learn what culturly acceptable when holding a business meeting with different cultures

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  3. How would you feel if you moved to Greece or Romania or China? How long would it take you to "learn the language?" Maybe learning another language is not so easy. Especially if you only went to school through the 8th grade like many immigrants. Get off your high horse and have some compassion.

    Sherri Berri
  4. i have been in this country for as long as i can remember. way before you were born. and don’t need to speak english to get around. language does not sign my pay check. leave people alone and mind your own. any way i speak english spanish and german. and a little french.

  5. Another stupid American…

    Not everyone that speaks Spanish is Mexican.

    How did you know he was a Mexican? Mexican is a nationality, did you ask for his Mexican passport? For all you know he could have been from Cuba, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, etc…

    So you are going to judge all Spanish speaking immigrant on the sole acitons of this man? That’s wonderful.

  6. I’m Mexican, but I would have to agree. Although I would not have put it the way he does as if perhaps he has a problem with Mexicans or people of Spanish speaking origins.
    However, whatever the language that is spoken in a particular country is, then that’s the language that all people who come to that country should learn to speak. Now, it might take some people more time than others, but that man had no right to say that you should learn to speak his language, that’s just ludicrous.
    If I went live in Germany, should not I learn German? In Italy, should not I learn Italian?
    Also, some of you made comments that he was stereotyping all Mexicans, apparently you did not bother to read the questions he said, “Some” Mexicans, not all.

    Manny C

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