Why dont mexicans speak english in america or make an effort?

They really don’t, and it doesn’t help that America has mcdonlad billboards in Spanish now.


  1. They just don’t want to assimilate like other immigrant groups in the past. They would rather turn the USA into the same type of cesspool that they escaped from.

    Frank Zebottom
  2. Because 90% of immigrants from Mexico end up staying in New Mexico, where our state government is only furthering the problem by not cracking down on immigration or providing mandatory English classes for the legal immigrants. It bothers me that when I go to Walmart all the boxes have the Spanish labels turned out and not the English ones. Mostly they’re just really lazy. Do I sound racist? Probably. I’m really not though. I just wish they would learn the language. I don’t care if they butcher it I just care if they try. Also, the fact that we have a very high number of illegal immigrants that have no desire to learn English or assimilate is part of the problem too.

    Elizabeth Powers
  3. it has something to do with their cultural pride. i once saw a mexican boy speak in english to his grandmother and she slapped him and said don’t speak that in front of me. there was an old movie about a polish boy during the early 1900s. his name was janek he wanted to be real american but his family held onto their ways. he got beatings from his family but at the same time was picked on and called greenhorn by the americans. janek decided that getting called greenhorn was more severe and ended up gaining citizenship and served as an american soldier in WWII. now what i say to mexicans or any immigrant for the matter, use janek’s story as a template for your life.

    Eragon Shadeslayer
  4. Because the PC US makes sure they are happy and comfortable in their stolen land. Civil Service workers will all be forced to speak Spanish or lose their jobs in the near future.

    They don’t speak English because they don’t have to. US has no national language.
    Over 30 US Senators voted it down.

    I selected Newt Gingrich’s 2006 article as a source because he’s credible, even tho he’s not a great Presidential candidate. Besides nothing has been done since to establish an official language.

    Nick Delba
  5. Actually most do try to speak/learn English as you would know if you ever got to really know anyone from Mexico. If they came from Mexico it is required in all public schools as well.

  6. I have never understood this concept myself.If you come to the USA then YOU should learn to speak English.We don’t have everything in German,Arabic,or Chinese so why spanish.You are in America and you learn our language not the other way around.I work in the ER and a Dr’s office and when they ask me if I speak Spanish I always say no,So you don’t speak english, well we have a problem here don’t we.Most of the time they will find someway to understand us or will get an interpreter.We should never cater to these people, they have done things the easy way their whole life.

  7. mm, i hope that you understand me (I’m just learning english, I live in mexico and I study the university, or college) but I have family in USA, they all speak english.

    I think that people people’s afraid of reaction that you can have of them, (probably they think make fun of them) I remember when I go to USA 1 year ago, I was afraid of people could think of me, but I understood that people most of the time don’t make fun at people who tries speak english, because they think that is a good effort of they (most of the times)

    So, sould not generalize, but some people are lazy, and don’t tries to learn, (my english teacher told me his brother has been living in USA for 30 years and never tried to learn english, man, that’s extreme)

    Have a nice day (im just listening that song)

    PD. ustedes deberían aprender algunas palabras, a manera de cultura general, un consejo n__n.

    ▲тσσи Liиk▲

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