why is it if you speak out aginst illegal immagrants your racist?

why can’t i and other Americans speak out aginst the rising problem of illegals invading this country, If we do were branded racist.. Well i have a few friends who are mexican who came here Legally and they speak out even louder then i do about illegals! why arnt they branded racist?


  1. I’m an American born to Mexican parents. I too am against Illegal immigrants. We’re only branded racist by the illegals because we don’t want them in our country. I’m tired of them always using the same excuse over and over again. That parts of USA once belonged to Mexico, who freaking cares. that is past tense. NOT now. GET them out of here!!!!

  2. You can thank political correctness for that. It is a tool used by morons when they are not as smart as you are. Speak out and don’t listen to idiots who are quick to label anyone as a racist.

    American Pride
  3. If you are white and an American, you are viewd as a racist every time you open your mouth nowadays. It seems that it is no longer appropriate for a white man to have an opinion.

    Burnt Chitlin
  4. Because that is what ignorant people do when they know they have no credible argument to overcome the basic truthful facts. I liken it to kids on a play ground fighting and when one can’t think of anything more to say they talk about your mother.

  5. Immigrants – not immagrants.

    You can speak against anything you want – but please use logic and reason, not emotion and propaganda. If your arguments make sense, you will effectuate change, otherwise, it would just another rant that makes no real difference.

    Des Ta
  6. The people who brand anyone who is anti-illegal a racist are just trying to inflame emotions and detract from the facts. They have no valid argument and thus try to shut people up by screaming racist.

  7. The word ‘racist’ is an over-used ‘smear’ word by the political left & liberals who will hurl it at you for any reason they disagree.

    I’m from Boston and the liberals call everybody a ‘racist’ that doesn’t agree with their left-wing, marxist agenda.

    The majority of residents in Massachusetts who voted against homosexual marriage were called ‘racist’ by the liberals. Homosexuality is not a race?

  8. Firstly, you aren’t racist for speaking out against illegals.

    In order to divert attention away from the fact that they are blatantly ignoring the laws of this country and are behaving more as invaders than as people who wish to immigrate they are very quick to play the race card. Fortunately, the race card has been so overplayed that it has lost quite a bit of its potency.

    Calling an Illegal an immigrant is kind of like calling a drug dealer an unlicensed pharmacist.

  9. It isn’t the speaking out that is racist. People who speak out against illegal immigration usually end up saying racist things. You even made racist comments in this post, but you probably don’t know what they are. So people say racist things in talking about illegal immigration, but because they don’t realize that they are saying racist things, they assume they are being called racist simply because of their immigration stance.

    Edit: I’m actually surprised so many people didn’t realize there actually is a racist statement in your post.

  10. Don’t be fooled, I get branded everyday even though I’m Mexican-American. They can’t technically call me a racist so the new thing for them is to call me ugly or say that I look more Indian/Mexican than most Mexicans, lol.

  11. Because the hatred against them is based on race. The fact that they are illegal is only a technicality.

    Do you speak out against speeders? 99.99% of people with drivers licenses have went over the speed limit at least once. That made them illegal. Are all drivers criminals?

    Why don’t you speak out against that?

    The myths about illegal immigrants costing the taxpayer money are wrong.

    In fact illegals contribute more to the economy than many Americans. And they get less in return for it.

  12. I don ‘t believe that everyone who speaks out against illegals is a racist- I think it’s just HOW you do it, and what you say…

    As an example, I am married to a man who has a Spanish surname. He is a U.S. citizen. Last month, we moved. Our new address is 2326, but our insurance rep understand 2323. When we finally got our new insurance card- there was a nasty little note from our neighbors: "There ARE NO MEXICANS in this house!" I was SHOCKED to see how rude and insulting (AND STUPID) people can be. Again, I just think it all depends on HOW you express your feelings, attitudes, and behaviors…

  13. You’re all racist.

    I have First American blood.

    Get out of my country!

    Just joking, except about my ancestry (partly).

    It blurs the lines. Same thing many people do in many issues.

    I don’t like it. Example: I understand completely why Republicans don’t want abortions on demand. I don’t have to simplify their arguments or ignore most of the reasons in order to debate the issue, or call my fellow Americans names, or block them. I respect our disagreements and see the patriot behind them, even if I disagree with their position.

    What they are doing is racist. Since you aren’t Mexican, you can’t talk about it, even though we have illegal immigrants from all over the globe coming here of every race imaginable.

    They were foolish to make it seem like a "Mexican" thing. They’ve drawn a lot of heat for nothing.

  14. Why not use it. It works for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

    If you disagree with them, they scream , RACIST, and because of our politically correct environment today, it is supposed to scare people into thinking they are going to get sued.

    Call me a racist. If your from any country in the world and are here illegally, you need to go home. I guess that makes me a racist against Anglo’s, Hispanics, Africans, Asians etc.

  15. It’s just easy for people to call you a Racist if you voice your opposition to Giving Away America because they can’t think of any really good reason for why they are allowing this to happen. The bad, outweighs the good, so they pull the race card just to make them feel good about their dunderheaded choice of rewarding breaking the law.

  16. Why is it that you guys keep asking the same question?

    Not all antis are racist- but there are some that are. The reason why some (not all) are called racist is because of the terms used in their questions. For Example- wetbacks, why don’t all Mexicans go back to their country? Hispanics have mate like rabbits, etc. That is the reason why some people generalize. Its kind of the same thing as antis generalizing all illegal immigrants to be mexicans.

  17. It’s a provocative isse. On one hand, you’ve got to handle this issue in some way. On the other, you can’t be racist in dealings with this. After the World War II it’s a common idea that all the races are equal and therefore you don’t want to offend anyone!

  18. Bio Pro

    An illegal alien is NOT A RACE!!!!!!!

    If you want to call someone against illegal aliens a "racist", please tell me what RACE an illegal alien is!!!!!

    Illegal aliens from over 100 countries last year were deported. Americans of all races are against illegal aliens of all races. Period. End of story. You lose the argument.

  19. I agree! Where I live the illegals get free health care and prescriptions when they are out of work. I am on SS disability and spend half of my monthly check on insurance and medicine. The system is f-ed up for sure!

  20. Most of the "Solutions" trotted out amount to arresting a few million illegals and deporting them, or building a massive fence.

    Most of the people speaking out about the issue completely ignore the fact that cracking down on the people who HIRE illegals would resolve the problem. Once the jobs dry up, the illegals will leave on their own.

    It would be cheaper and easier to bankrupt a few rich white guys with fines and jail time than to arrest millions of Latinos.

    When the focus shifts to enforcing existing laws and punishing the people hiring the illegals as well as the illegals, then the people concerned about illegal immigration will be able to more easily differentiate themselves form the jerks who are just using immigration as a means of attacking Latinos.

    If we fine business owners $100,000 per illegal hired, and give them a mandatory 5 years / illegal jail sentence, we can put an end to pretty much all the employers in a couple of years.

    Distorted Vision
  21. Why is it that because I believe in reform I’m pro-illegal? I’m against illegal immigration too I just believe in a different solution. Everyone is always going to have their opinions and beliefs and we just need to accept it.

  22. Because a lot of them think it is a color thing. And it is just an excuse. My grand daughter’s father is Mexican, and all through school, she had Mexican friends, black friends, and white friends. Out of all of them, she says the Mexicans were the most racial. Why aren’t they branded racist? Because only white people are racists. According to them.




  24. Because some Americans are very racist. Those of us who are not are branded the same to undermine our concern with the actual problem of illegals.
    Racist illegals and legals point to the racist Americans as examples of the treatment and thoughts of all of us towards their whole race. This helps them create and maintain the racist environment needed to keep other illegals from trying to assimilate and make them feel justified in breaking the law.
    On here emotions can run high and some of us who are not racist have even lowered themselves to use racist comments in reaction to the racist slurs thrown at us and shoved in our faces.
    Due to political correctness and white guilt, calling a white person racist serves to undermine any legitimate point they make.
    As long as certain people keep people fighting over race, the illegals will continue as they have.
    We can’t do anything about them until the bleeding hearts forget race and quit trying to save hurt feelings and just worry about the law.
    The worst racists are the illegal supporters who cry racist every time an anti speaks. Because only whites can be racist by PC standards this is a very effective weapon for them.

    I was nice and polite in the first part of my answer, and I see people still being rude, so what the h**l, I’ll jump in on the rude wagon, i’m better at being rude than polite anyway.

    Zarahel, not a problem, I won’t ever be in that situation because I have no plans to invade another country illegally and scream for them to give me my rights; I only expect the rights I am garaunteed by MY country’s constitution.
    And the only reason the Mexican illegals are specificly singled out is because the other illegals are keeping their heads down and hiding. The Mexican illegals are holding illegal rallies and getting in our faces demanding rights they have no right to. They are the ones who have separated themselves from the other illegals. We still want ALL illegals gone, just many of us want them gone the most because they are so racist against us.

  25. Because it’s a cheap card to play, when real arguments fail. Polls show the majority of law-abiding, taxpaying American citizens do not passively support illegal immigration — not all of them are racists, but they all want our laws enforced.

  26. It is the simple problem since the 80s. Use the vernacular of political correctness legal status impaired? Would that help? I think not. Honestly I have no problem with the color of someone’s skin, it is the way they handle their sh*t. Lead a good life, obey laws, you want in here do the right thing and teach your children how to obey the law. If you work for something versus demanding it we would be much more receptive to your presence. We are a country that believes in hard work (regardless of what many illegals on here say), we do belive in a job well done and doing things right the first time. So come here legally, do the work, and guess what most Americans will HELP you without fighting and marching in the streets. Shocking I know. There are many bakeries and shops around here I frequent and the owners are LEGALS just trying to make their way in this country. Just because their skin is darker than mine makes them no different than my ancestors 100-or 200 years ago.

  27. **this is the generalization of racism**

    It seems to be because only white Americans are racist against everyone…. and then black Americans dislike whites and hispanics, although they dislike hispanics more than whites…
    and then the illegal hispanics are always complaining about being discriminated against…
    Asian, black, and white illegal immigrants seem to be the most quiet about thier illegal status, and try to get visas or some form of legal status as soon as they can…

    I am not saying that any form of illegal aliens have a right to be here, but they of all people should be the last to start b***ing about thier "rights" and forming protests and stuff… I get along with most people, but I can’t stand watching our military service members dying to protect this country, only to have it over-run by people who don’t belong here!! This isn’t your country!! GO HOME!!

    Anchor babies don’t deserve to have rights either… If your parents are illegal, and you were born here, that should not make you legal. Parents of anchor babies should be deported straightaway….

    Illegals do not deserve federal funding, the right to be educated in our public schools, free healthcare, and welfare. America has enough problems taking care of it’s LEGAL citizens to be worried about how to take care of the illegals. We have so many American citizens without healthcare benefits, and it is wrong that our government is giving money to people who don’t deserve it….

  28. I love how is so easy for some people to say go home, you’re illegal & you have NO rights. I hope that none of you get to be in the same situation.

    Anyway, people that call you racist because you are against illegal immigration are generalizing just like a lot of people do when they want "the mexicans" to leave.

    Jess, I didn’t mean for you to *want* to leave your country and "invade" another one. I meant that I hope you are never forced to leave your house and move to another country because you can’t take good care of your family with the $2 -3 a day that you are making. Also is very easy to say change things in your country, tell your government to do this and that. You think we haven’t opened our mouths?? C’mon!!!


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