Will I have to learn Spanish/Mexican to live in southern CA according to Obama?

I took 4 years of Spanish in High School………question?

Will my future children have to learn spanish/mexican before english in public schools? This is what Obama is saying, VERDAD?
Bert: I did, along with my two brothers…………….one is lost. STFU you fukin coward liberal…………..I met minimal of your kind in Kuiwat.
Hey, Mexican language is much different than Spanish. It’s like a person going down south from new york. The english language is much different.


  1. He says we should make sure our kids speak Spanish. He’s full of it!

    I can’t believe he actually thinks the immigrants "will learn English." When are they suppose to start learning English – many haven’t started yet.

    Robyn Duck
  2. No, you’re lying again mentiroso. What will your hijos say when they grow up and learn poppie was too yellow to go fight in Iraq?

    "did" PAST tense. What’s your excuse for NOT being in Iraq fighting TODAY?

    Courageous, patriotic Americans are MY kind, you yellowbelly!

    Bert Nurphum
  3. Mexican is not a language.

    And no, Obama never said any of that. Seriously, his speech and what he actually said is all over the internet. How about you take a look smart guy?


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